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The studio is located in the Noga district of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Studio size is 55 m2. There are toilet facilities in the studio, a kitchenette, and a makeup vanity.

The studio has a green screen, a large 30 m2 (five by six) white background. Possible distance between camera and screen is 9 m. In addition, there is a backdrop roller with different backgrounds. Kino lighting, a microphone boom for videography and camera flashes for photography. Other rental items include a monitor, a teleprompter, cameras, lenses, a gimbal and a smoke machine.

List of rental items:

Videography equipment

Videography lighting:

1-long Cinema, Cinema Flo IMAGE45

2- Short Cinema, Cinema Flo IMAGE20

2 – LED1024
2 – Screen lighting LED
1 – 650w Twinny + Dimmer

Light Diffuser:

2 Frame diffusers 1/2 60 * 90 cm

2 Frame diffusers 1/4 100 * 100 cm

Light blockers (flaggers):

2 Gobo 90 * 60

2 Gobo 100 * 100

Light reflectors:

Reflector (white and silver) round 80 cm

3 Styrofoam (white) square 90 cm

Lighting tripods:

2-C grip stand

8-lighting tripods

1-boom tripod for lighting

1-boom tripod from microphone

6- grip head

Grips, rigs, holders
5 – Holders
1 – Three pin fork

Camera tripod
1 – 546B Tripod + Manfrotto 504HD

Sound equipment

Cordless microphone J Sennheiser SK100, EK100
Microphone Sennheiser MKE600
Zoom H4N
Headphones Beats Solo 2

Photographic Equipment

Camera Flashes

3 –  Godox AD600BM
1 – Godox X1
2 –Vilenski 1700 600W
1 – Vilenski 1200W
1 – Vilenski 400W

Light Diffusers
3 – Soft box 90 * 90 cm
1 – Beauty dish 42 cm
1 – Octagon 110 cm + grid

Camera Tripods
1 – Manfrotto 804RC2 + Manfrotto 550XPROB

Lighting tripods
8 – Lighting tripods
1 – Boom lighting tripods
1 – Telescopic backdrop stand

Additional Equipment:

Stand for photographing products- a plexiglass table

Benq TH683 projector- full HD- ANSI LUMENS 3200 set to backdrop, size 4.5m * 2.3m

Food Photography

Wooden plates as photographic surfaces

Vitamix Pro750, Magimix 5200, Kmix, 920 Delonghi


Hourly rate studio (minimum 3 h / 200 NIS)

Terms of payment: At the start of lease

Rates include studio, photography or videography equipment and sound equipment (corresponding to existing equipment as specified above)

Additional 50 NIS for every meter of damaged background as a result of use

Rates do not include IVA

Additional items for rent

19 ” Supporting monitor ATOMOS Sumo 19M 4K HDR (+200 NIS)
19 ” Teleprompter (+350 NIS)
Zhiyun crane 2 gimbal (can carry up to 3.2 k) (+200 NIS)

Smoke machine (+100 NIS)
Canon 5D Mark IV (+ 250NIS)
Canon 6d (+ 150NIS)
Canon 16-35mm f2.8 (+ 100NIS)
Canon 24-105mm f4 (+ 100NIS)
Canon 70-200mm f2 .8 (+ 250NIS)
Canon 100mm f2.8 macro (+ 50NIS)
Sigma Art 50mm f / 1.4 (+ 50NIS)

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