Our Services

Our Services

Product photography

Our studio specializes in white background product photography, which enhances your product. We likewise specialize in reflective product photography, always resulting in a precise and professional appearance.

Photo Editing – Photoshop

Our studio provides quality photo editing services, including to images not photographed by us. Our photo editing services include light and colour correction, dodging and burning, background removal, retouching, and restoration.

Our studio includes green or white screen (5X6m or 30sq m). The studio is located in the Noga area in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It is 55 sq m and includes a bathroom, a shower, a kitchenette and a makeup station.
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Photography studio rental

The studio is available to rent for fashion, portrait, product or food photography. It includes white limbo background, 5x6m. Additionally, we also have 2.7m paper backgrounds in a variety of colors, flashes and any equipment you may need.
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Product photography for websites- pack shots

Product photography on a white background

photographing products with reflective surfaces for a professional impeccable look. Photography of products of different sizes, from fine jewelry (macro photography) and medicine to atmospheric shots, pack shots, industrial merchandise, depth of field photography and white on white photography. We also provide cut out product photography, where an object is separated from its background. We professionalize in Plexiglas as a product photography prop which enhances reflections, for an elegant and impeccable look.

Products with reflective surfaces- photography

Photographing products made from stainless steel, pots and pans, glass packaging, and transparent products involves photographing reflective surfaces. With transparent products, we ensure that the product background casts natural and uniform reflections and forms precise color transitions, to enhance product depth and provide a high quality finish. Great for the art world, oil painting, jewelry, cosmetics, drinks and bottles.

Atmosphere photography

Photographing to create a suitable narrative for your products. We produce atmospheric shots in-studio or in different locations, indoors or on-site. Studio composition shots. Atmospheric shots create a simple scene around your product or products, in order to highlight them and construct the most suitable styling and character. It is a great way to showcase an ensemble of products, demonstrate a variety of shapes and colors and give your product a unique look.

On location product photography

Shooting products on location, in- or outdoors is a great opportunity to display the product in its natural environment, to illustrate its uses and build a narrative composed of many interesting details. With outdoor photography, we aim to shoot more than a product: we aim to capture a lifestyle. This photography is especially suitable for catalogues and advertisements.

Dark background product photography

Photographing a product over a dark background is especially suitable for light or transparent objects. The dark background highlights small details and gives a feeling of depth to a product. We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable background for your needs.

Additional services: the studio provides image-editing services for photographers; also, studio can be leased by the hour.

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